This Week New: 4 Casual-Meets-Modern Formal Dining Room

4th mid-century Magic

Designer: Rima Nasser (also the homeowner) and Kimberly Coombs of TEW Design Studio
Location: Cary, North Carolina
Size: 238 square meters. (22.1 square meters)

Homeowners’ request:, A functional space for an office during the day and a vibrant entertaining space at night

Special features: Six-meter high windows overlooking the lush landscaping; Nature walnut table; The original architectural details designed by architect Karl Gaskins, including recessed storage space, sloping ceilings, a curved natural stone wall and support beams sealed with natural oak

Why Design Works: Designers Rima Nasser and Kimberly Coombs chose a large natural walnut table with four matching chairs and gray upholstered chairs for the ends. “It was important to choose a natural wood table and not painted to reflect the integrity of the modernist architecture of the room,” says Nasser.

In an effort to soften the natural wood fixtures and furniture , the designers chose a bold and light carpet. The original hand-drawn 1980 architectural plans hang above the dining table in simple and minimalist settings. A console with colorful accessories helps mark the natural stone wall.

Designer’s secret: “Painting ceilings and walls in the same neutral color make this dining room look bigger and more complete, as well as helped accentuate the right details,” says Nasser.

“Uh-oh” – moment: Nasser had a glass-top table that she thought would work. After changing the floor plan half a dozen times successfully without including the table , she settled on the mid-century style walnut piece shown here.

Also on the team: Bob Fortner (Photographer)

Rug: Stella Collection, Chandra; Color: Olympus White, Sherwin-Williams; Table and chairs: West Elm

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